Spring Rolls Is Open Across From PNC Arena!

January 22, 2016

We`re open! Spring Rolls Parkside`s grand opening was initially announced to our neighbors at Post Parkside, Trinity Park, and Inside Wade. We`ve enjoyed meeting them and look forward to serving them again and again. But we can`t keep this new place a secret forever. The triangle area`s Asian food fan base is just growing too fast. We welcome Cary residents, Western Raleigh folks, those of you who live in Apex, and everyone else in the area. We`re just a few minutes from you all! We`re also excited to be accessible by foot from PNC Arena, thanks to the Capital Area Greenway! (click here for map)

Siblings Eddie and Susan Tu, the founders of Spring Rolls, chose the new location when they noticed the demand for Asian food in the area. Growing up in Toronto, they were exposed to tremendous diversity. The many cultures in the city contributed to a culinary tradition that is comparable to renowned cities like San Francisco and New York, and Asian food was at the center of it. The exceptional cuisine they were exposed to as youngsters still guides them today, in a city with a burgeoning Asian population and an already-significant foodie culture. The Tus` family business background supplements their knowledge as restaurateurs. Eddie and Susan manage their team with a firm but nurturing style, leading everyone to reach their potential and promoting a happy workplace. Their meticulous nature is constantly channeled through everyone involved in Spring Rolls` operations, and it shows.

Spring Rolls upholds the same philosophy we always have in this bigger, attractive, new domain. Our food is prepared with passion. We don`t use pre-made sauces or pre-fried ingredients. Everything is made to order by experienced chefs. We serve high-quality, traditional Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food with a modern touch. Our meat is fresh and our seafood is hand-selected. Portions are large, big enough to eat family style.

Stop by and try Raleigh`s favorite dish, our general tao`s chicken! Vegetarians, have a look at our 20+ veggie-only dishes. We`re vegan-approved as well. Order a tofu or soy gluten "Spring`s lettuce wrap" to enjoy before moving on to your entree. Gluten-free dishes are available too. Flourless chocolate torte, anyone?

Add great service and a stylish atmosphere to our culinary brilliance and you have the Spring Rolls formula. What`s more, we`re family friendly and game-time friendly. Come by and watch the game on one of our TVs, and don`t forget to browse our great selection of craft beer and wine. Right now we have Thrilla in Vanilla and Hoppyum on tap. If you want to keep it Asian, how about a carafe of hot sake? There`s nothing better during cold temperatures.

What`s the difference between the menu at Parkside and that of North Hills, you ask? At Parkside, we have sushi! Our sushi chef has been slicing and rolling in Raleigh for over a decade. He`s regarded as one of the best shokunin in the region, garnering countless positive reviews and comments across the internet and at the dinner table. Needless to say, we`re happy to have him with us. Try one of his delicious specialty maki rolls or a healthy nigiri or sashimi dish.

Our new location is located at 5433 Wade Park Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27607 (click for map). We`re the second restaurant to open here, in the development. It`s a nice place to walk around after any event at PNC. But don`t wait for that event before you experience the new location. We`d love to see you at our new Raleigh dining location any time. See you soon!

ARTICLE BY : George Hancock Jr.
Food nerd and internet marketing helper


Spring Rolls is a unique Asian Fusion dining experience that offers sophisticated style & high quality at value prices.

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